Running a Small Business in Northern Colorado

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like running a small business in Northern Colorado, you’re in the right place. Here’s what you need to know before you start a company here. Let’s dive in!

Supportive community

The support for local businesses in Northern Colorado is incredible. Whether we’re looking to paint our house, lawncare, or steam cleaning, here in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado in general, we prefer to support local as much as possible. While it is nice to have a large enough community to have all the big box stores, we still try and support local when possible.

There are still plenty family owned businesses that have been around for many many years with phenomenal support.

And if you’re new to town, starting a business can be very difficult. Having a supportive community is vital to a small businesses success. We have that here.

The costs

The costs of starting your own business depend on many factors, one of them being your industry. But in general, it doesn’t cost that much to start a small business here in Northern Colorado.

Forming an LLC can be done VERY cheaply or using a company like LegalZoom, is still only about $500. From there, if you need to get licensing (mortgage, sales license for retail, liquor licenses) the costs vary greatly. Overall, the costs to starting and forming a business in Northern Colorado are essentially no barrier.

Hiring the right people

Employees are every company’s most important asset. And the same goes for small businesses in Northern Colorado. If you find the right people for your business, your reputation will be in good hands. We have a highly educated community with Colorado State University and the University of Northern Colorado being next door.

Fort Collins’ median age of 29 provides an ample amount of people at the ripe age to help support and grow small business.

Reputation is key

Since we’re a small community, reputation is extremely important. So, as a small business, you want to take care of your customer and get that word-of-mouth marketing going for you. That’s your best chance to become a reputable and successful business.

Northern Colorado is a region of small communities. Small communities that engage in business with each other. Bad actors do not last long.

Be genuine

We’re very lucky to live in a supportive and warm community where most support each other with their kindness and wallets. So, if you’re genuine with how you do your business, are willing to work hard, you will have a great chance of success here in Northern Colorado.

Is Northern Colorado a good environment for entrepreneurs?

Yes, absolutely! Northern Colorado is a great place to kickstart your business and become successful. So if you’re thinking about moving here and starting your own business, we say you should definitely go for it!

If you’re looking for more information about what it’s like living in Northern Colorado, drop us a message; we’d love to help out! In the meantime, watch the full video on YouTube below, and consider subscribing to our channel:

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