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City Park is one of the most beloved and desired parks in Fort Collins. And if you look at the map of the area, you’re going to notice straight away that it’s massive too. 

But if you’re looking to find out more about City Park, you should definitely continue reading this article to find out. Let’s dive in.

What is City Park all about?

City Park has a special place in the hearts of our local community. It’s a place where we have our 4th of July fireworks, where thousands of people come together each year to celebrate.

From there, we also have the food truck rallies on Tuesday evenings (somewhere around 12-15 food trucks to choose from). Also, City Park has an amazing pool with big slides and a lot of people. There are some great covered patios as well where you can enjoy big BBQs and gatherings.

If you have kids, plan to spend significant time at City Park over the years. Here is where they will have soccer practice, football games, baseball games and other gatherings.

City Park Neighborhoods and Housing

There are some great neighborhoods around City Park. The most expensive neighborhood is located to the east of City Park and North as you get closer to Old Town and Downtown Fort Collins. As you get go further south, you’ll get closer to CSU, have more student housing, and multi-family type deals.

There is no really clear price/foot in this area because each area (N,E,S,W) are so unique and differ so much. If you are looking to be in the action of Fort Collins, these would be great neighborhoods to explore!

What are the Pros and Cons of City Park?

Pro #1 City Park offers tons of activities

City Park offers so many activities and things to do that other parks in Fort Collins simply can’t compete with it. From food truck rallies to weekend family activities, there are plenty of things you can do in City Park in your spare time. There are many activities, events, parades and 5Ks that involve City Park in one way or another.

Pro #2 The biggest recreation park

City Park is one of the biggest parks in Fort Collins, and it has a bunch of recreation activities. You can have family picnics, go play in the park, play at the water park, and then you might have soccer practice for your kids later on.

If you want to drop the kids off at the pool, you may be able to golf at City Park 9 and then pick the kids up after a round.

Con #1 Parking is very limited

One of the cons of City Park is a lack of parking spots. So, for example, if you want to attend food truck rallies on Tuesday evenings, you might be better off riding a bike, walking, or taking the trolley. The parking lots are already pretty congested as is, so whenever possible, avoid getting there by car.

Con #2 The park can be difficult to navigate

Because City Park is so big, it is somewhat difficult to navigate. On Saturdays in the fall there are football games, soccer games and many other things going on with fields all over the place. Good luck if your supposed to “go to field 6” in that sea of fields. It’s not horrible, but you may do well having a scouting trip prior to when you need to be somewhere.

So there you have it! Hopefully, this article helped you get a better idea of City Park. If you’re looking for more information about buying here in Northern Colorado, drop us a message, and we’ll get to work. In the meantime, watch the full vlog on YouTube below and consider subscribing to our channel:

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