Best Neighborhoods in Fort Collins 2022

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Looking to move to Fort Collins, Colorado? Then, you’re probably wondering what the best neighborhoods in Fort Collins 2022. So without further ado, let’s see the six of the best neighborhoods to live in Fort Collins in 2022.

Kechter Farm

Median Sales Price$762,000.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$252.00
Median Age of Homes2018
Lot Size (Acres)0.16

Kechter Farm is located in the Southeast and is one of our newest developments on this list. One of the things that distinguish this neighborhood is its pool and clubhouse area. This kind of oasis clubhouse isn’t seen that much in Fort Collin, especially in older neighborhoods. And Kechter Farm pool and clubhouse is special! On top of that, it is near some of the best ranked schools in Fort Collins, such as Fossil Ridge and Preston. 

Fairway Estates

Median Sales Price$768,500.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$305.00
Median Age of Homes1969
Lot Size (Acres)0.4

Fairway Estates is a super unique little neighborhood tucked away behind two busy roads – US 287 College Avenue and Harmony Road. There are not a ton of houses here, but the lot sizes tend to be on the larger size. It has a mid-century type of vibe, and it’s very well maintained. You can definitely find some really cool housing opportunities in this area. Walkability and your proximity to grocery, restaurants and breweries is some of the best on the South side of town.

Warren Shores

Median Sales Price$667,500.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$334.50
Median Age of Homes1976
Lot Size (Acres)0.17

Warren Shores is a really small but cool neighborhood. This neighborhood holds a special place in my heart as it is where I grew up. It has some pretty good schools that are centrally located with good public transportation options. Because the location of this neighborhood is phenomenal, the appreciation and home values are very strong. Warren Shores backs up to Warren Woods (a small forest) and then to Warren Lake. It is a unique little neighborhood and a quick drive to really anywhere in Fort Collins.

Indian Hills

Median Sales Price$934,250.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$243.00
Median Age of Homes1968
Lot Size (Acres)0.34

Indian Hills is one of the most traditional Fort Collins neighborhoods developed by Bob Everitt. He’s the godfather of real estate development in Fort Collins. The Colorado State University Real Estate school is named after him. Indian Hills is located in central Fort Collins south of Prospect Road. It’s a mature neighborhood with lots of mature trees and good lots sizes. Although there is no HOA, it is very well maintained neighborhood and the homes are all being renovated. 

Circle Drive

Median Sales Price$797,500.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$403.00
Median Age of Homes1948
Lot Size (Acres)0.19

Circle Drive is a the smallest of the neighborhoods on this list. As the name suggests, it is a circular road with one road cutting through the middle of it. This small neighborhood has many ranch-style houses and red brick ranches. It’s super close to Old Town and CSU, so if you’re a professor that loves to get a cup of coffee and you want to walk to school, this is the area for you.

There aren’t TOO many homes that come up for sale in this neighborhood, but you will be paying a premium $/ft to live in this neighborhood.

Old Town Fort Collins

Median Sales Price$850,000.00
$/Ft Total Sq Ft$392.00
Median Age of Homes1920
Lot Size (Acres)0.22

Loomis, Scott Sherwood, and Capital Hill are some of the most desired neighborhoods in Fort Collins and downtown. This is especially true if you want to be close to all the amenities. They’re close to City Park, CSU, the Lincoln Center, and many more desired locations. If there were an energy center in Fort Collins, this is where it is. This neighborhood has some of the oldest houses in Fort Collins, but they’re some of the most desired ones at the same time. 

So there you have it! Those are some of the best neighborhoods in Fort Collins 2022. If you have any questions or need help, we’ve got your back! Drop us a message, and we’ll get started!

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