Can a Family Live in Fort Collins with ONLY 1 Car?!

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People generally move to Fort Collins for the lifestyle. From spending time in nature to mountain biking and visiting breweries, there are so many outdoor activities to do in Fort Collins. Folks want to be able to walk, bike or possibly even share a vehicle here in town, limiting their commutes. So I got curious. Can a family live in Fort Collins with only 1 Car? To answer this, I decided to limit my family’s vehicle usage to JUST 1 vehicle. Here’s everything I realized during this challenge.

More time need

Biking to work takes more time than going by car. From getting prepared the night before, to getting your back pack/side pack ready, and then just purely going much slower, biking takes longer. So if you want to bike to work in Fort Collins, you should account for a longer commute per day.

You need to be more intentional and organized

When you’re biking to work, you need to be more intentional about what you’re bringing to work. You can’t just run home and pick up whatever it is that you forgot. It can also be limiting to what all you can bring with you every day (going to the gym and needing a change of clothes etc.)

Less practical during bad weather conditions

Another thing to take into consideration when thinking about biking around Fort Collins is potential inclement weather conditions. Although it’s still possible to ride your bike during bad weather, it’s significantly slower and less practical.

The most convenient place to live

If you’re planning on living in Fort Collins with only 1 car, it is important to consider where you live. We live on the Southeast side of Fort Collins and the rides were 30-40 minutes each way every day. So living in Midtown or Downtown might be the best choice for you.

Self-reflection time

A great thing about jumping on the bike and riding to work or the grocery store is that you have more time for yourself. You’ll be able to do some daily self-reflection and enjoy the sunrises, sunsets and get out to spend time in nature.

More economical

A benefit of living in Fort Collins with only 1 vehicle and biking to work is that can be more economical. You only have 1 car to fill up on gas (which has gotten expensive), only 1 car insurance payment, and if you finance your vehicles, only 1 car payment. Take into consideration though, the additional time it takes you daily to commute as time is money.

Proper bike gear

Proper gear goes a long way when biking around town every day. You’ll probably need to invest in some quality gear such as a carrying bag, clear glasses, and proper clothes. Having a road bike with skinny tires is great for the spring/summer months, but you may need a thick tire bike for the colder/wetter months.

Burn calories

The best thing about biking to work is that you’re going to stay in shape organically. I was burning anywhere from 750-1500 calories per day. So you get to eat and enjoy more goodies throughout the day without any hesitation!

Final thoughts

In general, biking around town feels amazing! Fort Collins has some phenomenal views and amazing sunsets to offer, so you’d definitely enjoy this peaceful commute time. That said, living in Midtown or Downtown is an absolute must if you want to bike to work every day and have only one vehicle per family. 

Hopefully, this article helped you see what it’s like living with only one car in Fort Collins. If you’re looking for more information about Northern Colorado, drop us a message; we’d love to help you out! 

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