Where to Live in Fort Collins in 2022

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Congratulations! You’re moving to Fort Collins! But what area should you move to? Today, we’re going to talk to you about different areas in Fort Collins and what they’re about. Where to Live in Fort Collins in 2022?! Let’s dive in.


The Northwest quadrant is probably the most surprising area for me. Especially when working with clients. One of my recent clients really liked this area because they wanted to be minutes away from hiking, camping, and outdoor opportunities. They wanted to be near Lori State Park. Conveniences such as grocery and restaurants were less important.

I’ve learned that the Northwest has a LOT of desirability.

Northwest Fort Collins is definitely the place for you if you want to have these outdoor opportunities at your front door. Additionally, the Northwest also has the CSU veterinary campus, Colorado State University, City Park and Lee Martinez Park. You’re also very close to the foothills. On another hand, if you’re going to the airport, this quadrant is the furthest commute to DIA within Fort Collins.


Northeast Fort Collins encompasses Old Town Square, which is historic and the HEART of Fort Collins. It also jets up north where the New Montava development is going to be. This is going to be the largest developement in the history of Fort Collins. In addition, the Saunders development near the country club has broken ground and has attracted many home buyers.

The Northeast, especially north of Mulberry and South of Jefferson, is one of the most desired places to live for those that are looking at walking or biking everywhere. Lifestyle design is a major factor for people moving to Fort Collins. Walkability and the ability to bike is very motivating to many. Fort Collins, with its 280+ miles of paths allows for safe, efficient biking. Being downtown, though, allows for you to rarely need your vehicle.

This area also has a lot of our breweries like New Belgium, Funk Works, Horse and Dragon, Equinox, and Coopersmith’s Pub. When you want to move to the microbrewery capital of America, you may want to be near some of the best breweries!


The Southwest quadrant is a unique area with some really cool neighborhoods. Westfield, Clarendon Hills, and Taft Canyon are some of the most desired. This area supplies itself to people that want to stay close to the foothills while being a bit further South. There are some people that live or work near Boulder who like the Southwest area. They can hop on US-287 and get to Boulder quickly and the commute would be around 35-45 minutes.

One of the cons of Southwest is our county landfill. It is nearing capacity, so may not be such a eyesore much longer. We will see where the next how the transfer station does, but it will still be a heavy waste traffic area as it will be just South of the current Landfill.


Southeast has some of the newest construction in Fort Collins. The Foothills Mall which is to have some redevelopment and repurposing soon is here as well. It also has the Front Range Shopping Village which is very attractive and needed for us Southeast folks. Additionally, next to downtown, you can find the highest amount of restaurants here.

This area is very close to the I-25. So if you find yourself having to go down to Denver or DIA often, this could be a great option for you! One thing the Southeast lacks comparatively to the other quadrants is the amount of character its neighborhoods and houses have.

With some of the highest ranking schools, whether elementary, middle or high school, the Southeast has the strongest educational opportunities to offer.

So there you have it! The main quadrants and places of where to Live in Fort Collins in 2022!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop me a message or comment below. I’d love to help out!  In the meantime, watch the full video on YouTube below, and consider subscribing to my channel:

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