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One of the most common questions I get asked is where is the best place to live in Fort Collins, Colorado. You’re not going to make a mistake. Fort Collins is wonderful!

But today I want to help you find your dream area here and decide where you should live in Fort Collins.

Bike trails

A lot of buyers that I work with want to live near the bike trails. The good news is that anywhere besides Northwest there is a bike trail within a mile or two that will take you from South Fort Collins to North Fort Collins. In the near future, there will be quick and easy access to bike trails pretty much everywhere.

Downtown Fort Collins

One of the biggest pulls in Fort Collins is Downtown Fort Collins, Old Town Square. I love it! From historical houses, new developments to the river district, everything about Downtown Fort Collins is amazing. Young singles, young couples, empty nesters, retired folks… All of these groups of people would enjoy this area. It might not be a great fit for young families, though, due to the relatively busy streets and traffic in this neighborhoods without really any cul de sacs.

Proximity to I-25

As we grow in size and become a more desired location for many buyers, one of the main desires I’ve been hearing is access to I-25. That would definitely be Southeast Fort Collins. You don’t want to be on the Northwest side because you’d have to commute all the way east to I-25. If the proximity to I-25 is important for you, I suggest you stick to the Southeast quadrant of Fort Collins.


Another common desire that I keep hearing about from the buyers I partner with is wanting no HOAs or HOAs that allow boat/RV parking. If that’s something you’re interested in, you’re going to have to find these little pockets that are not all over the place. Midtown is your best option! These little pockets of older neighborhoods, without an HOA, with larger lots, quarter acres might have the capacity to park your RV or boat on the property without an HOA overseeing your operations.


Here in Fort Collins, we’re proud to say we’re beer connoisseurs. If you want to be close to breweries, the Northeast is where you want to be. This is where Equinox, Odell’s, Big Red Truck, and other popular breweries are located.

Development opportunities

If you have the desire to build, Fort Collins is getting more and more compact. There are fewer in-fill areas for development than before. However, we expect to have more of them soon on the North and East side of town, some along the western foothills, or the outskirts of Fort Collins will have some new developments.

Timnath, Windsor, and North Loveland are areas that are seeing massive development opportunities. Wellington too. So if you’re looking for new builds, you may want to explore these areas outside of Fort Collins.

Northern Colorado opportunities

If you decide that Fort Collins is not the place for you, I suggest you still stick with Northern Colorado. Here are some price points to have in mind.

  • Wellington – median price: $378,000
  • Timnath – median price: $534,000
  • Loveland – median price: $395,000
  • Fort Collins – median price: $455,000

Hopefully, this helps you get a better idea of the Fort Collins landscape. Now, you’ll be able to decide where you want to live within the city. If you’re considering moving to Fort Collins, I’ve got your back! Email me, call me, or drop a message. I’ll be happy to help!

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