5 Steps to Move to Fort Collins in 2022

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We are privileged to work with clients who want to move from Fort Collins from all over the country. We are fortunate to have worked with many clients who have done just that. Our main goal is to make this massive transition in their lives as smooth as possible. So, here are the 5 steps to Move to Fort Collins in 2022.

Decide if Fort Collins is the place for you

Whether you’ve lived in Fort Collins as a student, visited it as a tourist, or have family living here already, the first step is to decide if it’s the right place for you and yours. So, how do you make this tough decision? We suggest coming here with your family to understand the community better and determine whether this is the right vibe for you. 

Stay in an AirBnb in the area of town (if available) that you believe you’re going to want to live in. If possible for a week or longer to get the Monday through Sunday groove.

From what we’ve seen, we believe its the ‘ol 80/20 rule. 80% of the people who come here, determine that Fort Collins IS the place they want to be. 20% for one reason or another, don’t.

Buy vs. Rent

The next step is to decide if you’re going to buy first or rent first. Maybe you’re going to rent short-term and then buy. Or you’re going to buy 100% virtually. It’s totally up to you and what your level of comfort is! We’ve worked with clients across the spectrum from buying 100% virtually to moving here and renting for up to a year and then buying.  

Build your local team

Having a local team can really make a difference when you’re moving to a new area. This is because relationships are key in this super hot real estate market. 

When buying, it is nice to have a local advocate as a lender who is involved in the community. Some times, the listing agent might have a relationship or has already done deals with that lender. You may get the inside track.

When you’re working with a local team, you’re a person with a face and a personality, and people focus on you. When you’re working with a national lender, you’re just a number.

It doesn’t bode well in the current market, so build your local team in Northern Colorado to have a more seamless and successful move to Fort Collins. A local agent and a local lender who are producing and active in the market.

Build your roadmap for you Move

The fourth step is to build a roadmap for your move. Understand how much time it will take to either acquire a rental or buy a house in Northern Colorado.

Renting is rather quick and easy. You really only need 2-4 weeks to secure a rental. While the rental market is hot as well, it takes just days to find a property and another couple of days to qualify and sign the lease.

Buying on the other hand needs to be well thought out and planned. If you have a desired date to be IN the home, reverse engineer your timeline. Take into consideration sellers are asking for post occupancies, the timeline to navigate your contract to purchase as well as how many offers it is taking for buyers to secure a property. From what we are seeing, a comfortable timeline (depending on the purchase price) to secure a home is anywhere from 60-120 days.

Coordinate your move

The final step is to coordinate your move. This again is where having a local team will be of great help. If you need to hire moving services or do some home remodeling, having boots on the ground during your move is crucial.

You are also going to want to have eyes on the property while you’re not here and you’re making a move. A vacant home is the most dangerous home. Have someone here checking on your home weekly.

And there you have it! The 5 steps to Move to Fort Collins in 2022. We hope this helps you better understand the process of moving to Fort Collins. 

If you’re looking for more information about buying or renting here in Northern Colorado, drop us a message, and we’ll get to work. In the meantime, watch the full video on YouTube below:

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