5 Best Places to Live in Northern Colorado | Bet you can’t guess all 5!

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Northern Colorado is growing up! With more and more people relocating and moving to the area, it’s become quite clear that it is a great place to live. But what are the best places to live in Northern Colorado? Let’s find out, shall we!


Johnstown is a unique opportunity for people who are looking to buy into a small town while still having the amenities of Scheels and restaurants that are going up with all of the commercial rooftops that are building there. With the development of the US34 and I25 Corridor, Johnstown has been a direct beneficiary. Residential developments are popping up all over the area.

It’s safe to say that Johnstown is one of the up-and-coming areas in Northern Colorado and a place to watch now as well as in the future!


What used to be considered an oily, stinky old, cow town is now emerging as a redeveloping area with a cool downtown area. West Greely is a particularly great place to live with tons of new amenities while being only 20-30 minutes from Loveland and Fort Collins and only 15 minutes from Downtown Greeley.

There’s a lot of new developments and growth opportunities there. It’s also one of the most ‘relocated to’ areas in Northern Colorado. The backbone of the University of Northern Colorado, JBS and Oil and Gas, Greeley will provide its value now and in the future. It’s also the second most populous area in Northern Colorado next to Fort Collins.

Fort Collins

The hero of Northern Colorado, Fort Collins tends to be the main reason why people choose to move here. It’s continuously listed as one of the best places to live, with its foundation in CSU, a tech scene that’s growing, the employment base, and the culture and of course Old Town Fort Collins.

Old Town Square, 285 miles of biking trails, being able to jump on to 287 and head up to Poudre, go have lunch at Mishawaka, go fish, camp, hike… What’s there not to love about Fort Collins!


Although it’s smaller than Greeley, it is a growing area and one of the best places to live in Northern Colorado. Many people who have moved and live here, LOVE IT. More than Fort Collins even. There is massive development and redevelopment while still giving its residents all the opportunities they need in a city. It has a lot of entertainment areas to offer, such as restaurants, movie theaters, grocery, shopping districts, etc.

Loveland Colorado has been around for a long time and it has massively benefited from being right next to Fort Collins. It is definitely going to stay on my list for the foreseeable future.


I’m very excited about Windsor as one of the best places to live in Northern Colorado. Though it doesn’t have the population that Loveland has, it is quickly growing and seeing massive developments.

One of the fastest-growing areas on this list, Windsor has seen 50% growth between 2011 and 2019. Residential always leads, then commercial follows and that’s why Windsor is on this list.

You can shop, you’ve got your hardware store, you can spend a good time downtown, Windsor lake is right there, the community is growing and it’s younger.

So there you have it! Those were the 5 best places to live in Northern Colorado. If you have any questions or need help, I’ve got your back! Drop me a message and we’ll find the place for you to live in Northern Colorado.

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