Top 5 Things to do in Fort Collins in the Fall | My Favorite Season! Let’s Go!

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Fall is absolutely my favorite season in Fort Collins. Today, I wanted to share some fun suggestions with you guys. Here are the top five things to do in Fort Collins during the fall season.

#5 CSU Football Game Weekend

With the pandemic in 2020, we practically lost a year when it comes to CSU football. And it was the worst time possible for CSU as it was the fourth year of on-campus games so practically when traditions are starting to take place. The good news is that we’re restarting it this year and continuing to build our football traditions.

#4 Tiny Tot Halloween

Tiny Tot Halloween is the time when parents bring their children to the Old Town Square, dress them up in costumes, and enjoy the afternoon with other families. The shops, restaurants, and retails in the town square start giving away candy to the little kids and it’s such an amazing tradition to participate in. ****SUPER SAD NEWS – In 2021, there will NOT be a Tiny Tot Halloween – HOPEFULLY this comes back****

#3 Lighting of the Holiday Lights

The lighting of the holiday lights generally happens around 2nd of November when almost the entire town gets that holiday bright look. From about Olive to all the way North just past Walnut, we’ve got these white soft lights on all of our median trees and sidewalks that pave our way through Old Town and Downtown. On November 2nd, there’s even a lighting ceremony when we have a countdown, turn on all the lights in Fort Collins, and have fun with the community.

#2 The Bartels Farm Pumpkin Patch

There are a lot of fun activities going on there, from the pumpkin cannon (I haven’t seen it used in a couple years) that gets shot to a massive field. You get to walk with your family, grab a little wagon, and pick up your pumpkins. There are farm animals, burgers and popcorn. It’s a beautiful way to spend quality time with your loved ones and make a day of it.

#1 Driving Up the Poudre Canyon to See the Changing of Leaves

The main reason to move to Northern Colorado is our outdoor scene so the best thing to do in Fort Collins in the fall is to drive up the Poudre cannon and see the leaves change. Imagine the peace of sitting in your car, or sitting on the Poudre banks drinking a beer, and watching the beautiful colors of leaves changing. It’s absolutely wonderful and it will prove to you that Fort Collins is the place to be in the fall!

So there you have it, guys! Whether you want to go pick up a pumpkin or watch some good football, Fort Collins is perfect for you. If you’re considering moving here, feel free to call me and I’d be happy to help you find your dream home.

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