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Recently I did a video with the most frequently asked questions and answers. Today, I’m answering more questions! Continue reading to get your answers about real estate in Fort Collins.

#1 Do you offer real estate services to people from out of state looking to move to Fort Collins?

Yes, I work with a wide spectrum of people. Whether you’re looking to find your new home virtually, or in person, we’ve got you covered at Soukup Real Estate Services.

#2 What do you think about Loveland?

Check out this video to hear everything there’s to know about Loveland, including my personal thoughts and experience.

#3 What are the odds of “winning” a contract on a 500k house in Fort Collins with 20% down?

As I always tell my clients, stay patient, optimistic and positive. At the end of the day, it really depends on the seller you’re working with which is completely a luck of the draw on the property that’s going up for sale. There are seller’s out there looking for certain things in an offer and that isn’t always the highest price. Make sure your agent is calling the listing agent prior to developing an offer strategy.

#4 What does the Fort Collins economy have that’s been attracting many new residents?

Inventory is extremely low across the entire country, including Fort Collins. According to a recent article, Fort Collins is one of the highest bidding war rate on properties in the country. You can learn more about my market predictions in this article.

As for the economy, we have a growing tech scene (not there yet), but also a lot of residents who are moving here, who are able to retain their higher paying jobs from different locations.

#5 What’s the price per square foot?

Right now, it’s about $210 to $220 per square foot for a single-family residential detached house.

#6 How do you detach yourself from the property so that you’re not too emotional when other offers start to come in?

It’s definitely hard not to get emotionally attached when you’re buying a property. Try to stay realistic with each offer and to remember there probably going to be multiple offers on the property. My advice is to lean on your real estate agent for support until you find and “win” your dream home. I am averaging 3-4 offers per client prior to going under contract. It can be emotionally draining!

#7 What’s going on in the Southern part of town with all the new developments?

There is a bunch of development going on here, but they are a little bit on the outskirts. As long as you stay West of Ziegler and North of Trilby, you’re not going to have too much development going on there. Once you move past those boundaries, you are definitely going to see a ton of new development. ESPECIALLY once you move East of I-25. Windsor, Timnath, Johnstown and Severance are all growing like crazy!

#8 What do you think the future of Fort Collins is going to look like over the next five years?

Making predictions is not easy. What I do know is that Fort Collins is one of the best places to live in the U.S. and that our population growth continues to increase.

If you can afford a mortgage and can manage it over the next five years, I think buying a house here is a good decision. The real estate market is indeed crazy right now, but I’m very optimistic that Fort Collins and Northern Colorado will continue to be a highly desired place to live. I do hope that the market softens over the next few years, even plateau for 3-5 years would be nice!

So there you have it! That was the second part of the most frequently asked questions about Fort Collins and real estate here. If you need any help with your real estate needs, feel free to call me. In the meantime, check out the full video below and consider subscribing to my channel:

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