9 Facts You Should Know About Fort Collins Colorado

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Whether you’re moving to Fort Collins for a new job or your kid is starting a new school here, there are some important facts you should know. That’s why today, I’m sharing 9 important facts that will help you get a better understanding of our community and prepare you for your new life as a local in Fort Collins.

Fact #1 58 Square Miles and Growing

Fort Collins encompasses about 58 square miles and growing. We’re an hour north of Denver and an hour south of Cheyenne Wyoming. Bordering us to the north is Wellington Colorado and to the south is Loveland Colorado.

Fact #2 Highest and Lowest Temperatures

We’re an arid climate – our record high temperature is 103 degrees, while our record low temperature is -41. The temperature can get quite low here in Fort Collins. What that can do to your house is burst or frozen pipes. That’s why you should blot your sprinkler systems as early as October. Also, I suggest leaving your thermostat on even when you go away for a while to prevent your pipes from freezing.

Fact #3 Our History of Sheep Farming and Sugar Beet Farming

Our early industry was sugar beet farming and sheep farming because the heads of the sugar beet were great food and it was a good climate for sheep farming. As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, our current employment base has almost zero agriculture and farming so this was our early start as a town.

Fact #4 Our Trolley

We have a trolley that operated here in 1907 and 1951. We still got one operating today that you can take your family on and enjoy half an hour drive across the city.

Fact #5 Well-Known Brands

We have some well-known brands here in Fort Collins, Colorado, such as New Belgium, Noosa Yoghurts, and OtterBox.

Fact #6 The Oldest Bar in Fort Collins

The Town Pump is the oldest bar in Fort Collins. It was founded in 1909 and it was recently saved from shutting down due to COVID. The locals were able to raise money to help save it and I hope the bar will be here for many more years.

Fact #7 Famous Women

We’re proud of all the successful and famous women that come from Fort Collins, from Temple Grandin, Becky Hammon, Pat Stryker, Amy van Dyke, and obviously my wife Janay DeLoach Soukup.

Fact #8 Stout, Colorado

It will take you about five to ten minutes to get to the Horsetooth Reservoir by car. Down below the lake is Stout Colorado, the old stone query, which is definitely worth visiting!

Fact #9 Old Town Underground Tunnels

We used to have organized underground visits for tourists in Fort Collins. I’m not sure if they exist anymore, but knowing that there are underground morgues and tunnels underneath our bars is pretty creepy and exciting at the same time.

So if you’re considering moving here to Fort Collins, feel free to reach out to Soukup Real Estate Services. Let’s discuss where that perfect place is here in town. Why you’re moving here? What are some of your goals? Give me a call or text me. I’d love to work with you.

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