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If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you probably already know that Fort Collins is continually listed as one of the best places to live in the country. 

It got us thinking about other tops lists that Fort Collins is a part of. So here we are! Today, we’re talking about the best of lists for Fort Collins 2022. 

No. 9, America’s Safest Cities for Younger Drivers

Even though some people say we’re fast drivers, we ranked 9th safest city for younger drivers in America, which is pretty cool to see. We don’t have too many high speed highways near and around us and we are set back a fair distance from the interstate. Those could possibly be reasons why we would have fewer accidents and deaths than other locations where higher speeds could be in a regular day’s commute.

Having young kiddos, this is nice to see that when they’re driving (or not driving – Uber Self Driving Cars lol) in the future, hopefully they will be safe here!

No. 2, Best Tasting Drinking Water in Northern America

Here’s another fun one. According to American Water Works, we have the second-best tasting drinking water in Northern America. And we can definitely agree with this; we have phenomenal tasting water here in Fort Collins.

Why do you think we are the microbrew capital of the world?! Why is Coors headquartered here?! When water is the main ingredient to your product (beer), the water best be good!

No. 6, Safest Cities for Cyclists

In May 2021, we ranked 6th safest place to cycle in America. This is based on protective roadways, bike paths, and crashes. Since most people move here because of our outdoor lifestyle, we agree that our bike trails are pretty safe.

There are folks that would argue that even here in Fort Collins roadways are not safe and people do die regularly when riding on the roads. I can tell you I HATE riding my bike on the roads, which is why I pretty much stick to the trail system here in Northern Colorado and Fort Collins. This is a good one to be on the best of lists for Fort Collins 2022.

No. 8, ‘Most Relaxed’ in the Country

In April 2021, we were listed as the 8th most relaxed place to live. Considering that this list was filled with affluent places like San Francisco and Seattle, we’re not sure about their parameters to measure the most relaxed places. 

But we can definitely say that the lifestyle in Fort Collins is pretty stress-free and chill, so if you want to enjoy a good beer or spend some time outdoors, it’s definitely the place for you.

No. 4, 25 Best Cities in the US to Own an Electric Car

We were also listed as the 4th most electric car-friendly location in America. This is pretty cool because electric cars are incredibly popular right now and seemingly the way of the future. We do have many electric stations throughout the city, even in some unexpected places such as our emergency room and movie theater.

Fort Collins is always thinking forward and being listed on this list is just another confirmation to efforts.

Top 25 Growth Location

According to U-haul, we’re in the top 25 growth locations. They measured this by u-hauls going one way and not returning. We can definitely agree with this that many people from across the country and world are moving to Northern Colorado.

Those were some of the most interesting best of lists about Fort Collins. If you’re interested to learn more, stay tuned for part two!

In the meantime, check out the full video below:

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