Pros and Cons of Living in Northern Colorado | What You Need to Know!

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Are you planning to move or relocate to Northern Colorado? Here are some pros and cons of living here.

Cons of Living in Northern Colorado

  1. Weather – Wind, hail, and snow are quite common in Northern Colorado as you do live along the foothills here. Our climate is dry and arid and temperatures can get quite low during the winter, even up to a double-digit negatives every 3-4 years.
  2. The smell of Greeley – That wind is going to push some smells. Greeley has a huge beef plant operation and the feedlots can go up to a mile and a half, causing unpleasant smells in the surrounding areas. The joke goes if you smell something funky, it very well could be Greeley.
  3. Oil drills in Weld County – Weld County is a rich area but it comes with oil drills almost everywhere and all around you.
  4. Traffic – People from small communities are not used to intense traffic so that’s definitely one of the cons of living in Northern Colorado. However, for people coming from bigger cities, traffic here is not an issue. Perspective is key.
  5. Housing – Metro taxes and housing costs are also some of the pain points of living in Northern Colorado so keep them in mind.

Pros of Living in Northern Colorado

  1. The views of the foothills – We might not live in the mountains but we live along the foothills. You’ll definitely enjoy the phenomenal views that Northern Colorado has to offer!
  2. 300 days of sun – One of the best things about Northern Colorado is the amount of sunshine we get throughout the year. Who wouldn’t want 300 days of sun, am I right?
  3. Outdoors and biking trails – With all that sunshine, you’re going to want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and ride along the biking trails of Northern Colorado.
  4. Brewery scene – The breweries in Northern Colorado are a must-visit!
  5. Two Division I Universities – The University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University are both located here and they supply housing, jobs, and great students, etc.
  6. Diverse economy – From the beef industry in Greeley to the agriculture landscape in Loveland, health care in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado truly has a strong foundation and diverse economies.
  7. Emerging business opportunities – With the population growth comes new business opportunities. We have amazing developers that have their roots here and are passionate about shaping our landscapes. The future is bright for Northern Colorado.
  8. A safe and beautiful place to live – People from all over the country find themselves returning to Northern Colorado to live here and raise their families. This is a family-friendly place to live where you can take a walk with your kids any time of the day without worrying about safety issues.

So there you have it! Those were the biggest pros and cons of living in Northern Colorado. Weigh for yourself! What’s more important to you: some of these pros or cons?

If you do decide that Northern Colorado is your dream place, feel free to drop me a message and I’ll help you find your ideal home too.

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