6 Steps to Moving to Northern Colorado! Follow These for a Successful Move!

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Are you moving to or relocating to Northern Colorado? Here are six steps you should follow for a successful move.

Step #1 Choosing between moving to Larimer County or Weld County

What is the best choice for you? Larimer Country or Weld County? Do you want to live a little bit more on the plains, potentially get some more land, or are you all about the foothills and quick easy access to the mountains and hiking?

Depending on your interests and hobbies, start by deciding whether you’d prefer to live in Larimer County or Weld County.

Step #2 Hire a local realtor

Whether that’s me or someone else, that’s totally okay as long as you collaborate with a local realtor that you can trust. Meet with the realtor, figure out if your personalities match, because your relationship is likely to last many years.

If you’re making a huge move to Northern Colorado, you’ll benefit greatly from a local’s perspective. For example, I like to introduce all my clients and potential clients to life in Northern Colorado, help them understand the market a little better, so they are well-prepared for when they move here.

Step #3 Decide if you want to buy or rent

Buying or renting is a massive choice. In my experience, it’s just a matter of what is your comfort level is. There’s no right answer to whether buying or renting is better, it only depends on what you are comfortable with. What meets your goals. I am a big believer in owning your home but if you’d prefer a landlord cover all of the maintenance, property taxes and insurance, then renting could for you.

Step #4 Talk to a local lender

You want to know what your purchasing power is before you decide to buy or rent. I suggest you talk to somebody locally because they can be your advocate, they know the market and will be there for you at closing. Discuss what your purchasing capability is, what your credit score is, down payment, how are you going to bring your employment, etc. There are so many different variables that a local lender could help you understand before you move to Northern Colorado.

Step #5 Submit offers and negotiate the contracts

I must admit 2021 is a difficult landscape for buyers so it’s important you work with a realtor that knows how to navigate offers. Whether you’re working with me or with someone else, don’t waive an inspection. While it’s perfectly fine to take a property as-is, you should still have a deep understanding of what the property is which is why inspection is important.

Don’t compromise your future because you’re trying to win a deal. Instead, use different tools and tactics to negotiate a deal to the best of your ability.

Step #6 Close the deal and transition to your new town

The final step, probably the most exciting and scary, is to close the deal on your new house and move to your new area. If you’re making your move right away upon closing, it’s good to have someone locally, such as your realtor, to help vendors get into the property, check on it once a week, take pictures for you, etc.

Transitioning into Northern Colorado will be one of the most exciting times in your life and I hope I’ll get a chance to be there with you. If you’re looking for more information about buying or renting here in Northern Colorado, drop me a message and we’ll get to work. I’d love to help out!

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