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Wondering what it’s like living in Fort Collins, Colorado? In this post, I talk about everything you should know (and everything that I love) about Fort Collins.

If you’re considering moving to Fort Collins, you might be interested to learn more about it. I was born and raised here, and I love it! I’m also lucky enough to be helping other people find a new home in Fort Collins as well as to adapt to the new area.

Without further ado, check out the best things about living in Fort Collins.

1. The Old Town Square, Heart of Fort Collins

One of the most beautiful things about Fort Collins is definitely the Old Town Square. Walt Disney even gathered ideas off of buildings in the old town square for his Disneyworld. It’s a beautiful place, especially during Christmas, because of the substantial amount of Christmas lights. Check out my YouTube video to see how the Downtown area looks, as well as to hear my bar/restaurant recommendations.

2. Skyline of Buildings

There are not many (if any) buildings that exceed three stories. We do have three or four buildings that are taller than that, but you’re pretty much going to have a good view of the foothills, the mountains, and 300 days of sunshine.

3. Colorado State University

About a mile away from Fort Collins is the backbone of our economy and population – Colorado State University. CSU has a beautiful campus, with tons of green space, and new buildings and it’s just around the corner from us.

4. Growing Economy

There’s no one industry that dictates Fort Collins. We’re an industry-based city, but other than that we have a growing technology scene that is making its way here.

5. 300 Days of Sunshine

Despite what you might think, there are not many snowy days in Fort Collins (7-10 snowstorms per season). You can sit outside in a light jacket and enjoy a December evening.

6. Good School System

Apart from the CSU as our main university, we also have four 5a high schools which is the biggest high school you can get in Colorado. If you have a student that likes to compete in sports, they will compete at the best level against the best competition.

7. Family City

Fort Collins is a great place to raise kids. Amazing public schools, outdoor activities, sports events only a drive away are some of the perks of living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

From Steamboat Springs to the Pooter Canyon, there are plenty of outdoor activities you could enjoy with your family.

8. Breweries

We’ve got New Belgium and other breweries within the walking distance from here so you could have lunch or beer at any time of the day. There are opportunities to have fun pretty much anywhere here in Fort Collins.

9. Our People

My favorite thing about Fort Collins is our people. And anyone that visits us can confirm that. Even Livability ranks us as the best place to live.

There you have it – everything you should know about living in Fort Collins. If you’re considering moving here or you have any questions, feel free to contact Patrick Soukup Services and we’ll make your transition easier!

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