Where Are You Getting Your Information?!

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This is not going to be a “what should you do” blog. Or a “here’s what’s going to happen.”

“Those who have knowledge don’t predict. Those who predict don’t have knowledge.” -Lao Tzu

Talk about the pros and cons of SO much information out there. There is no lack of information and no lack of any individual trying to provide information. Just as Donald Trump is weighing the costs of keeping the economy shut down vs opening it back up, you are probably in a position that needs to analyze what information you are absorbing and if it is good/too much/not enough.

Last week I found myself paralyzed by information. Refreshing web pages every 10-15 minutes. Checking my email incessantly. Looking at the free fall that was the stock market and talking to others about COVID-19. I would say last week was probably one of my least favorite weeks in recent memory. Along with millions of others, I am sure. And I am lucky to be healthy right now, I couldn’t imagine if I was sick on top of all of that!

That being said, this week, I started fresh. I know I don’t have the discipline to NEVER look at the market or current news, and honestly I don’t want to restrict myself to that. I am just limiting my exposure to it.

I don’t think it is possible to find a news source that isn’t one extreme or another and listening to one and the then the other is laughable. We are seemingly living in two different realities. For a little bit there, we were one nation fighting for one cause and now we are back to bickering and arguing. No thanks.

So what I am doing to try and limit my exposure to misinformation is to go to the source. I’m looking at how we are doing against this virus from the CDC and WHO. I’ve been going to marketwatch.com for my updates on the stock market and the futures market. I am limiting my Facebook wandering to twice a day. I have been looking at the MLS to see the activity in the real estate market, have called and spoke to title companies and lenders asking what they’re seeing.

On top of that, we are putting together a group of 4 individuals in 4 different markets to discuss weekly what we are all seeing and feeling. Now, more than ever, we can leverage each other skills, abilities and knowledge.

I am just as guilty as anyone, but I guess all I am trying to say is question what information you are getting, don’t overload yourself and try not to be paralyzed by fear/anxiety/information. So now, I’ll get back to my Facebook scrolling, CNN/FOX binge watching and put on my tinfoil hat on just in case.

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