Relocating to Fort Collins in 2022

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One of the things that the pandemic has created is the great relocation. More and more people are choosing to work remotely. Which is why they’re more likely to consider moving across the country or even across the world. 

In case you’re one of those folks that are relocating to Fort Collins in 2022, this blog post is for you!

Here’s everything you should know about Fort Collins before you move here.

Water Issues

Just like California and some other states, Colorado has its own fair share of water issues so take that into consideration before relocating here. Colorado is a state that has almost 70% of the state’s water WEST of the Continental Divide but 80% of the population living EAST of the Continental divide.

Colorado has seen substantial growth! Water is going to be something that we MUST figure out.

Largest Employers

Another thing to know is that who our largest employers are. Colorado State University, UC Health, City of FC, Woodward Governor, Broadcom, Otterbox, Poudre School District. There are some tech opportunities and we have a great entrepreneurial spirit here.

There are great opportunities if the above employers match what you are looking for OR you are able to remote work. Other than that, professional service industries (doctors, dentists, CPAs, Lawyers) are a significant number of high wage earners here in Fort Collins.


Fort Collins has grown tremendously over the last decades with almost 200,000 people currently living here. If we take Weld County and Larimer County into account, we’re expected to reach 1 million people within the next 10 years. The secret is out about Northern Colorado and people are moving here from all over the world. I don’t think that will calm down any time soon.

Commute Time

Another important thing to know is that the average commute time in Fort Collins is 20 minutes. To get from the farthest south side of Fort Collins to about as far North as you can go in Fort Collins, there is a little bit of a drive – it takes around 30-35 minutes. If you’re moving from a larger city, I’m sure this won’t be such a big deal for you.

Generally speaking though, Monday through Friday, you can expect about a 20 minute commute to and from work if you live within Fort Collins. NOW! Consider riding your bike as there are PHENOMENAL bike paths and you can add about 10-20 more minutes is all to do that same commute and save that gas money!

Municipally Provided Utility: Fiber Internet!

If you’re working remotely or are a fellow internet junkie, you’re going to love this about Fort Collins. As of a couple of years ago (2017), we have municipally-funded Fiber internet throughout the entire town. It is very affordable, fast, and pretty exciting. 

For about $70/Month, you can expect gigabyte speeds upload AND download! It is pretty awesome! Also, it means you DON’T have to use Comcast/Xfinity! Yay!

Colorado State University

There are around 30,000 students at CSU, so basically, one in six people in Fort Collins is a student. So as much as we’re continuously growing into an individual city with lots of different identities, our backbone is still the CSU.

This brings with it a highly educated population, entrepreneurial spirits and a vibrant exciting community!

Friendliness of the People

Last but certainly not the least, on of the most important thing to know about Fort Collins is that we’re a friendly and welcoming community. Of course, there are always going to be jerks everywhere, but in general Fort Collins is pretty friendly. 

When I have clients come visit or move to town, I am CONSISTENTLY told how friendly the people of Fort Collins are. I hope we can keep it up and keep this small town local vibe that is welcoming!

I hope this article helped prepare you for your relocation to Fort Collins. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Soukup Real Estate Services! We’d be happy to help you find your dream home here in Fort Collins.

In the meantime, check the full video below:

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