7 Best Towns to Consider When Moving to Northern Colorado

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Are you considering moving to Northern Colorado? That’s great to hear! And let’s face it, why wouldn’t you move here? There are truly many compelling reasons to move to Northern Colorado, from the incredible four-season climate to astonishing mountain views. Whether you’re looking to relocate here for endless outdoor activities or the causal lifestyle, you’re going to love what Northern Colorado has to offer.

But where’s the best place to live, you might wonder? Well, here are the seven best towns to consider when moving to Northern Colorado.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is one of the best towns in Northern Colorado. It’s the regional center for education, employment, and shopping. Because of the many business and recreational opportunities, Fort Collins has the best economy in the area. The most important sectors include manufacturing, higher education, technology, and government. Additionally, Fort Collins is the home to Colorado State University (CSU), one of the country’s rising public universities. 

That being said, just like every town, Fort Collins also has its disadvantages. One of the biggest cons of moving here is that it’s one of the priciest towns in the Northern Colorado region.


Another great town to consider when moving to Northern Colorado is Timnath. Located in Larimer County, the charming town of Timnath is a new community with immense growth and growth potential. Unfortunately, Timnath has little to almost no mature landscape. It’s still more of a bedroom community, supporting the locals who are commuting for work.


Loveland is the second most populated town in Larimer County. It’s a fast-growing community located closer to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. However, one of the cons of Loveland is that the zoning/city layout is just not the best.


Wellington is another great town to consider when moving to Northern Colorado. It’s located in Larimer County, 11 miles North of Fort Collins. One of the best things about this town is that it’s more affordable, especially for home purchases. But it also has its flaws in terms of growth and living potential. For instance, there’s a significant water issue in the community that’s yet to be fixed. 


Another rapidly-growing town to consider is Windsor. Located in the heart of Northern Colorado, this town is young, vibrant, and incredibly charming. Aside from its small-town charm, Windsor has a good community layout and development opportunities. But as life would have it, you can’t have everything. Even though Windsor is a great place to live, it also has terrible traffic, which is one of its biggest cons.


Greeley is the most populous municipality of Weld County. If you’re looking for an affordable yet vibrant area, look no further than Greeley. This town has the University of Northern Colorado as its backbone, making it a fun and authentic place to live. On the other hand, Greeley is notorious for its “joyous” smell, “moooooo”.


Last but certainly not the least town to consider in Northern Colorado is Johnstown. The town has grown quickly over the past few years but still managed to maintain that charming small-town vibe. The massive growth of U.S. 34 has particularly benefited the community, further supporting Johnstown’s rapid development. With that said, the town is one of the quieter plain towns and is considered to be a bedroom community with no identity (for now!).

These are some of the best towns to consider when moving to Northern Colorado. When choosing a new place to live, it’s important to weigh out all your options and ensure you pick the best possible place for you and yours. 

Whichever town you pick, one thing’s for sure: you will most definitely enjoy the beautiful Northern Colorado landscapes and have everything you need to start a new life here.

If you decide to move to any of these towns, you can count on the Soukup Real Estate team to help you out with everything you need! We’re professional real estate agents committed to helping buyers like you find their new dream homes. Northern Colorado real estate is our life, and we’d be happy to help you start your new life here!

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