Pros and Cons of Fort Collins Vs Loveland 2022

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Both Fort Collins and Loveland are great places to live. But there are definitely some distinguishable differences between these two towns. 

In this article, we’re going to share the biggest pros and cons of living in Fort Collins vs Loveland in 2022. Let’s dive in.

Pros of Fort Collins vs Loveland

  • Fort Collins is less congested than Loveland – Even though Fort Collins is twice the size, it has a much better traffic system and therefore SEEMINGLY less traffic than Loveland. US287 through Old Town Fort Collins can get congested as can Harmony road at 5PM, though, so don’t think there is NO traffic in Fort Collins.
  • School funding is substantially higher – One of the biggest pros of Fort Collins is that the schools are much better funded which is why they are sought after all over the country. The Poudre School District is a great school district.
  • Municipality-funded broadband internet – Fort Collins has a phenomenal internet connection that is affordable, very fast, and reliable. Think 1 GB up and down for $80/month vs Comcast or Century Link of less speed for more money!

Pros of Loveland vs Fort Collins

  • The mountain views are much better in Loveland than in Fort Collins – You don’t have to worry about not being able to see those breathtaking mountains from your house because pretty much every house in Loveland has a good view.
  • A lot of outdoor recreation – Loveland has so much more to offer in terms of outdoor recreation, from endless hiking options to big open areas and parks.
  • A rich art scene – The art scene in Loveland is phenomenal, to say the least. There are a lot of art programs and galleries for all artistic souls out there.

Cons of Fort Collins vs Loveland

  • Fort Collins is landlocked – One of the biggest cons of Fort Collins vs Loveland is that there’s not much opportunity for growth anymore because the town is pretty landlocked. The Northeast and Northwest provide SOME options, but infill development options are less and less.
  • Fort Collins is not as close to Rocky Mountain National Park – It takes much longer to get to Rocky Mountain from Fort Collins than from Loveland, which is a pity because it’s one of the most beautiful places in the area.
  • It’s pretty limited when it comes to redevelopment opportunities – Unfortunately, there are not so many redevelopment opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs in Fort Collins. The price of the land and buildings is so restrictive, that the opportunity has to have such a long horizon for it to make any financial sense.

Cons of Loveland vs Fort Collins

  • Loveland has a slower pace of lifestyle – One of the biggest cons of Loveland is that it sometimes takes too much time to get around town. Whether it’s because of a fairly older population or traffic jams, you can expect a slower pace of lifestyle in Loveland. Don’t be in a hurry to get anywhere.
  • Loveland doesn’t have as many options as Fort Collins does – If you want to buy something locally made, whether that’s clothes or food, you won’t find as many options in Loveland vs Fort Collins. Loveland has some mom and pop options, but big box retailers dominate in Loveland.
  • It’s an industrial area – Another con of Loveland is that there are a lot of industrial buildings that don’t look so flattering.

Final Thoughts

Fort Collins and Loveland are both great communities, so you won’t go wrong either way.

Those were all the pros and cons of Fort Collins vs Loveland Colorado in 2022. If you need any help with your real estate needs, feel free to contact Soukup Real Estate. In the meantime, check out the full video below and consider subscribing to my channel: 

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