Should You Get a Pre-Listing Inspection Before You Sell Your House?

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Getting your home pre-inspected before you list your home could be a good conversation. Although it’s not required, it’s typically a good idea to have your property checked out before you sell. Some sellers decide to get a pre-listing inspection, while others don’t. There’s no right or wrong way; it’s up to you.

If you’re still not sure whether you need a home inspection or not, we’ve got you covered. We’ve helped hundreds of clients just like you decide if a pre-listing inspection makes sense for them. Here are the top five benefits of getting a pre-listing inspection.

It’s for your own benefit

Getting a pre-listing inspection is mostly for your own benefit as a home seller. The process of getting your home checked out by a professional allows you to understand some items that may need to be repaired, some safety items and maybe things you might not necessarily know about. 

It helps you understand the condition of your home

Another reason why you should consider getting a pre-listing inspection is to find out the exact condition of your home. Since you’ve probably lived in your home for years, you’ve grown accustomed to it. You have learned to live with its little quirks. What is the age of your roof. Has their been hail damage? Or does your deck need some love? There might be some plumbing or electrical issues that you’re not aware of. All these issues might pop up while your buyer is conducting their due diligence. That’s why a pre-inspection is so valuable; it helps you get ahead of any issues before listing the house for sale.

A home typically sells because of price, condition and marketing. Condition is something very important to consider.

A pre-listing inspection gives you enough time to fix everything

Getting your home checked out by a professional inspector gives you an opportunity to get ahead of all potential repairs. If the inspection uncovers significant defects, you have enough time to correct those problems or price your home accordingly.

You have the freedom to choose your own contractors and address any repairs on your terms. It allows you to oversee the repairs, fix all major issues, and have control over how things are handled.

It allows you to be transparent with potential buyers

Once you know the exact condition of your home and you understand which upgrades are needed, you can then decide what the next logical steps are. This will show that you are proactive and willing to disclose the condition of your property. This can build trust with buyers and reduce the chances of negotiations falling. You might decide to sell the house as is or not sell it at all. You might also gather all relevant information and prepare a report of the house’s condition that will ultimately help your potential buyers decide on their purchase. 

Being transparent and open is a win-win. Alongside the pictures, videos, tour of your home, and property disclosures, your potential buyer will greatly benefit from a pre-inspection report too. Getting your house pre-inspected also benefits you once you go under contract with a buyer because it gives them a full scope of the property and ensures there are no large changes in negotiations or the full price of the home. 

It allows a smooth home appraisal

An inspection report can provide valuable information about your home’s condition, allowing you to price it more accurately. On the other hand, if the inspection reveals that your home is in excellent condition, you can use this as a selling point and potentially justify a higher listing price. If there are major issues that need attention, you can adjust your asking price accordingly. So if you’ve already gotten your house inspected before listing, there may be no appraisal conditions, and you will go through this process without any hiccups.

Those were the top five reasons why you should get a pre-listing inspection before you put your house on sale. As you can see, a home inspection is not just for your buyer’s benefit, but it’s also for you. It gives you the peace of mind that you need during the selling process. It informs buyers in advance of all major repair needs, but it also makes everything much smoother for you as a seller. It can significantly cut down on negotiations once you go under contract. 

It’s important to note that a pre-listing inspection is not mandatory, and whether or not you should get one depends on various factors, including the age and condition of your home, your budget, and local market conditions. If you need any help with listing and selling your home, feel free to reach out to us. At Soukup Real Estate, we help sellers get top dollar for their property as well as ensure the sale process is smooth sailing. 

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