7 Home “Fixes” You Should Consider Before Selling

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You want to sell your house, but you’re not sure if it’s in good enough condition to sell for top dollar? Today, we’re talking about the most important home fixes you must complete before selling.

Selling a house as-is will still attract buyers, there’s no doubt about that. But fixing issues and making some strategic repairs will increase your chances of selling for top dollar. And that’s may be exactly what you want as a home seller – getting many generous offers on your home as soon as you put it up for sale. 

Here are some essential fixes you should consider completing before putting your house on the market:

Inspect the roof

Always start with the roof when fixing your home before selling. It’s one of the most critical deciding factors for every buyer, so have a professional inspect your roof. The roofing company may be able to provide a warranty for the roof in its current condition.

Fix stained or damaged flooring

Flooring is vital to address before selling a home. Stained or damaged flooring will instantly put off potential buyers, so make sure you do something about it, especially if there are any obvious defects. In case you can’t afford to completely replacing the flooring, consider refinishing it. Pay SPECIAL attention to odors that could be in the pad or subfloor. Get them addressed.

Take care of your home’s aesthetics

One thing’s for sure; first impression matters. The moment a buyer walks into your house, they start forming an opinion about it. So make an amazing first impression. Take care of your home’s aesthetics by getting a fresh paint job, allow as much natural light in as possible, and get a DEEP clean. No dust! These smaller things can make all the difference when you’re trying to sell your house for good money.

Service your HVAC System

One of the first things that any potential buyer will look at is an HVAC unit in your house. If your current unit is run down and malfunctioning, it is a big red flag. Get your unit(s) serviced and provide the service reports. Additionally, make sure your utility room is SPOTLESS! A disorganized, dirty utility room is the BONES of the home, you want to show you take care of the bones.

Improve your home’s exterior

Another surefire way to leave a great first impression is to improve your yard and home’s exterior. Take care of the weeds, overgrowths, and clutter in your yard. Also, make sure that there is no wood rot, chipped paint, or other damage on your house’s fence. Enhancing the outside of your home goes a long way.

Spruce up the kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of your home, so its condition plays a huge role in every buyer’s decision. But don’t worry, you don’t need to renovate the entire kitchen. What you should consider is to take care cost friendly renovations. Painting the cabinets, updating the hardware, and possibly replacing the countertops. Buyers will come running when they see a spotless, fresh kitchen in your listing marketing. 

Improve the bathrooms

Last but certainly not least, the bathrooms. Start by giving your tiles a good cleaning and regrouting where needed. In most cases, a clean bathroom will do the trick, but it should also be in good condition, so make sure you make the necessary repairs. Hardware, faucet fixtures and sink replacements, lighting fixtures are all cost effective upgrades.

And there you have it! Seven home fixes you should consider completing before selling your home. Now you’re ready to go! Remember, the extent of the fixes and improvements will depend on your budget, the current condition of your home, and the local real estate market. If you need any help with selling for top dollar, you can count on the Soukup Real Estate team for everything you need – we’ve got you covered.

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