5 Effective Tips of Being a Seller in Fort Collins in 2022

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Being a seller in Fort Collins is one of the best things you can be in this real estate world. Being a seller in any market really. But if you’re planning to sell and then buy, you will get to experience the best and the worst of the real estate market. In that order.

Today, I’m going to share the most effective tips for being a seller in Fort Collins in 2022. Here’s what to expect if you want to get the highest return for your house. Let’s dive in!

Align yourself with a good listing agent

Without a doubt, one of the first things to do when selling a house is to find a good listing agent who will help you get the best possible offer on your house. 

What does a good listing agent look like in this market:

  • Actively working with buyers and sellers. Does AT LEAST 1 deal PER MONTH.
  • Has experience selling homes at your price point.
  • Has a team of contractors you can leverage (painters, flooring companies, handyman, landscapers).
  • How will they market the home. If social media is not a part of their strategy they shouldn’t even be considered.
  • You can relate to them, trust them, like them. This will be emotional. Don’t dread talking to the person you’re going to work with.

Make an ROI plan of action with your listing agent

If you’re selling a turn-key-ready home, you can expect to get a premium. However, if your house requires some minor or major repairs, you need to talk to your listing agent about what the highest return would be on your investments. 

Whether your house requires a painting job or a complete bathroom remodel, you need to talk to your listing agent about it and create an ROI plan of action.

MOST times a clean, decluttered, nice landscaped home will be the best investment of your time and money or sweat.

Prep your house for sale

One of the most important things to do when selling a house is to prepare it for sale. Take care of minor repairs such as paint and flooring to make the house look more attractive to potential buyers. 

Make sure to declutter and depersonalize your house to help potential buyers picture themselves living in this house. The key is to help them envision their dream home. Not living in YOUR dream home.

A deep clean is a must when selling a house, especially if you want to increase the chances of selling for a good price. Get rid of any odors because they will definitely drive all the buyers away.

Open the shades, turn on the lights, present your home in the best “light”.

Discuss a market analysis and pricing strategy

After you’ve prepared your house, the next step is to discuss how you’re going to price your home. Your agent should create a market analysis and a market approach to help you prepare. 

Considering the current market, the top three ideas I recommend are:

  • Market value approach – price the home where you expect it will sell
  • Needle in the haystack – 5% above the market value
  • Bidding war – 3-5% below what market value is

If you’re not going with either a market value approach or a bidding war, you’re doing yourself a disservice in this market. Buyers are anxious to secure a property right now, don’t scare them away with an absurd price from the jump.

Think about it, nobody really knows what the market value is of a home because each home has a different set of buyers. So marketing your house at an attractive price is my best recommendation for you as a seller in Fort Collins in 2022.

Make your home attractive to buyers

Professional media is an absolute 100% must. Non negotiable.

Get a professional photographer, videographer, digital designer to get you a complete marketing package.

Discuss staging your home if needed. A vacant home does not nearly show or represent the potential of a home compared to a well thought out and staged home.

You are asking a buyer to spend $500-$1m+ on your home. It needs to demand that price, not hope for it.

Short cut agents or efforts will get you short cut prices.

Final thoughts

The goal is to get as much activity as possible on your home, so I recommend doing all of the above to ensure you attract a lot of buyers. Do everything in your power to make your listing irresistible!

As I said, having an active and understanding listing agent is key to success when selling a house in 2022. 

At Soukup Real Estate Services, we’ve helped many clients just like you sell their homes in Fort Collins. We’d be happy to help you too so drop us a message and we’ll get started. 

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