From Campus Greens to Real Estate Dreams: Patrick Soukup’s Fort Collins Story

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A Fort Collins Foundation

Hello, Fort Collins, Northern Colorado and those considering Northern Colorado family and friends! I’m Patrick Soukup, a proud fifth-generation resident of the vibrant, wonderful city, of Fort Collins. The journey I’ve had here is one I’m thrilled to share with you. Growing up in Fort Collins wasn’t just about enjoying the beautiful landscapes and the bustling Old Town Square; it was about inheriting a legacy of community, perseverance, and innovation.

My CSU Chapter

My adventure took a significant jump at Colorado State University, where I dove into the world of Business through the globally recognized College of Business with a focus on Accounting. Graduating in 2011, I was armed not just with a degree but with a vision to blend traditional business acumen with the dynamic needs of modern business.

Stepping into the Family Business

Post-graduation, I joined the family endeavor at Old Town Square Properties, managing properties across Fort Collins and Northern Colorado. Here, I honed my skills, acquired personal investment properties, and started leveraging my real estate license to help those closest to me.

Leading Old Town Square

From 2016 to 2022, I had the honor of managing Old Town Square, overseeing more than 150,000 square feet of commercial space. It was more than a job; it was about nurturing the core of Fort Collins, ensuring it remained a thriving hub for businesses, individuals and families alike.

Launching Soukup Real Estate Services

2016 was a landmark year as I launched Soukup Real Estate Services. With a motto to “do real estate differently,” my aim was to infuse every transaction with unparalleled value, turning the traditional brokerage model on its head. Through our YouTube channel, Living in Fort Collins, we’ve been able to connect with the community, offering insights and information about our beloved city.

Looking to the Future

Today, as I lead a dedicated team of seven at Soukup Real Estate Services, my excitement for the future is boundless. We’re not just selling properties; we’re redefining the real estate landscape in Northern Colorado, putting value over sales, community over competition.

A Heartfelt Thank You

This journey, from a young Fort Collins native to the helm of a pioneering real estate firm, has been nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a testament to the values instilled in me by this community and the education I received at CSU. To everyone who’s been a part of this journey, thank you. Here’s to continuing to flip the script on real estate, together.

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