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What is it like living in Wellington? If you’ve ever thought about living in this small town in Colorado, this is the perfect article for you. Today, we’re talking about the pros and cons of living in Wellington, Colorado.

Buying a house in Wellington, Colorado

The Wellington housing market is hot. If you put an offer on a house, you’re going to be competing with other buyers just like you would in Fort Collins or other more prominent places in Colorado. So be prepared to negotiate and work your offer if you want to get that dream house.

Wellington is smaller than Fort Collins

One of the first things to know about living in Wellington, Colorado, is that it’s much smaller than Fort Collins. Although Fort Collins is already a relatively small town, Wellington is even smaller, with only a few coffee shops and restaurant options. As a result, you practically feel like you know everyone in the community, and let’s be honest, you probably do (it’s a small community).

With a population of just around 12,000 people this community is small, but growing. Wellington will, for the foreseeable future, be a great small town option to the North of Fort Collins.

The higher water bills in Wellington

The water bills in Wellington are about three times bigger than the standard rates, and it’s due to the lack of water. The base for the water bill is $66, no matter how much water you spend, so you can expect to pay on average a monthly water bill of around $100-$150.

Water and the access to water and the treatment of water will be a big obstacle that Wellington will NEED to overcome for it to continue to grow.

Fort Collins vs. Wellington

The median house price in Fort Collins is $525,000, while the median house price in Wellington is $425,000. This means you get roughly a 20% discount for moving to Wellington. With that said, both of these towns have some good and bad sides. Let’s see some of the biggest pros of living in Wellington.

Top 3 Pros of Living in Fort Collins

  • More Restaurants
  • More Activities
  • Less Windy

Top 3 Pros of Living in Wellington

  • Less Traffic
  • Housing is more Affordable
  • More room to spread out. Not so congested

Final Thoughts

Living in Wellington is an excellent option for people who want to live in a small community but have the opportunity to hit the town whenever they want, with Fort Collins being only 15 minutes away. In addition, Wellington gives you more time for yourself as you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to complete all your chores. Instead, you can do that in less than an hour in Wellington because everything is so close and there’s not a lot of traffic. With more and more people turning to remote work, it’s finally time for towns like Wellington to shine.

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