Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in Northern Colorado | Fort Collins CO ISN’T #1

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With the median sales price of $500,000, Fort Collins still has a long way to go to catch Boulder which has a median sales price of $1,141,000. However, we’re still significantly higher than we were before so with the trajectory that we’re currently on, we’ll probably be there in 10 years. One thing’s for sure, Northern Colorado is getting more expensive.

***Numbers Updated 8/23/2021***

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the top 5 most expensive cities in Northern Colorado. Let’s dive in.

#5 Berthoud, CO

This is an up-and-coming area with tons and tons of new development. TPC Colorado, a beautiful golf course with phenomenal homes all around it is booming. TONS of new constructions going on there, Berthoud is going to continue to develop and grow in the years to come.

#4 Mead, CO

This is probably going to parlay a little bit off of Boulder and Longmont prices than it would necessarily off of Fort Collins prices. Being close to Denver, it’s a great central location and still has that affordability factor that Boulder doesn’t have while being more affordable than Denver.

#3 Fort Collins, CO

Fort Collins is another most expensive city in Northern Colorado on our list. The biggest populous in Northern Colorado, Fort Collins also has a high price point which suggests there’s a large number of properties to build the median price point around.

On a rolling 12 month average of the median sales price is about $500,000. The market has indeed picked up and we’re above half a million dollars in 2021 for our median sales price.

#2 Timnath, CO

Timnath has the highest percentage of million-dollar homes sold per capita in Northern Colorado. The population is growing rapidly and the commercial is coming right there with it. Being one of the newest and fastest developing areas, Timnath has the highest growth percentage in the last 10 years and is the second most expensive city in Northern Colorado.

#1 Estes Park, CO

The number one most expensive place to live in Northern Colorado. It also has some of the most beautiful places in CO such as the Rocky Mountain National Forest, elks bugling, enjoyable downtown area, mountain town feel, and vibe.

Being only 30 to 45 minutes away from Fort Collins and Loveland, you can get all of your needs and your big city feels while living in a mountain getaway. If you’re feeling risky, go visit the Stanley Hotel where the Shining was filmed and you can get a little bit of a spooky feel.

What is the most expensive price per square foot in Northern Colorado?

It’s important to understand what you’re going to get on a per square foot basis, so here are the three most expensive prices per square foot.

  1. Estes Park – $308/Ft
  2. Timnath – $160/Ft
  3. Fort Collins – $199/Ft

Final thoughts

When you think about the costs of living in Northern Colorado, I suggest you also consider the fact that it’s a rapidly growing area with more and more people moving here. One thing’s for sure: Northern Colorado and Fort Collins are amazing places to live and have everything you need to settle down and enjoy.

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