Cost of Living in Fort Collins CO | 2021 Edition

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Since my last blog post about the cost of living in Fort Collins, there has been a huge change in the market so I thought I should do another updated version of the post. With all the talks about inflation, the housing bubble, helicopter money, etc, the cost of housing has gone like a rocket and it’s about time we talk about the cost of living in Fort Collins again. Let’s dive in.

Housing expenses in 2021

Six months ago, the median sales price in Fort Collins was $460,000. Now it’s $515,000. This means there has been a 10% increase in a short period of time.

So when you consider buying a house, you’re probably going to put down anywhere from 5% to 20% on average. On a purchase price of $515,000 this will give you a monthly mortgage of about $1,750 – $2,100 per month.

When it comes to your property taxes, they could go from $3,300 a year or $275 per month. From there, the cost of insurance is going to be about $125-160 per month.

Most of our single-family houses will have an HOA so that could be an additional $50-100 month. In addition, if you’ve put less than 20% down, you will have private mortgage insurance which could be anywhere between $150-200 per month.

When you add all of that up, you’re going to see anywhere between $2,200 – $2,800 a month for your housing expenses.

Renting expenses

There’s been a significant increase in rental demand in 2021. The renting expenses have already increased by about 6% which are believed to further increase over the next months and year.

The median rental rate for a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom home is $1,900 per month or $600 – $700 per bedroom. Renter’s insurance could be from $120 – $250 per year.


Here are the utilities for Fort Collins in 2021.

Electric, Water, Sewer, and Stormwater: $175 – $185 on average per month

Natural Gas: $55 – $65 on average per month

Internet: $60 – $299 per month


When it comes to child care in Fort Collins, you can expect to pay around $35 – $55 per child per day in-home daycare or $75 per day if you’re looking for a more educational-based setting.

If you’re looking for a nanny, I would expect anywhere between $16 – $20 per hour for that childcare.

Driving costs

Gas prices have also increased over the last 6 months. They went from $2.00 and $2.50 to $3.50 and $4.00 per gallon.

This is almost a 75% increase in gas prices which is one of the biggest changes that happened.

When it comes to bus passes, a single ride costs $1.25 per passenger while a day pass is $3.00

Food costs

Here are some food costs for Fort Collins if you prefer to eat out.

Breakfast burrito: $5.00 per burrito

Traditional sit-down breakfast: $40 – $60 for a family of 4

Lunch burrito: $12 – $14 per burrito

Traditional sit-down lunch: $45 – $65 for a family of 4

Pizza night out: $70 – $90 for a family of 4 (2 large pizzas, 2 appetizers, 4 drinks)

Steakhouse: $125-$200 for two people

When it comes to groceries, they’re about $1000 on average per month for a family of 4.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand a little bit better what the cost of living is in Fort Collins. If you’re considering moving here, I’d be happy to talk to you so send me a message or subscribe to my YouTube channel below to learn more about Fort Collins, Colorado.

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