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Thinking of moving to Northern Colorado? Then, you’re probably also wondering how employment and job opportunities look like here. You’re in the right place, because today, we’re discussing an important topic – jobs in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The biggest employers in Fort Collins, Colorado

Although Fort Collins is not dictated by one industry here, we do have a very strong foundation in our education, specifically Colorado State University.

From there, we also have Poudre schools districts, IBMC, and Front Range Community College that contribute about 12,000+ jobs. Also, we’ve got government work as far as the city of Fort Collins. Our healthcare sector is pretty strong as well.

So those are our biggest employers: education, healthcare, government, technology, manufacturing. When it comes to our specific larger employers, they are CSU, Larimer County, UCHealth, City of Fort Collins, Poudre School District.

And then it’s really diverse from there since there’s no one employer that supplies more than 1,000 jobs in Fort Collins.

What are the best employment opportunities in Fort Collins?

Since trades are really important right now, and we have a lack of them, companies like Lind’s, Allen’s plumbing, Hahn’s, Lion Home Service are listed as some of the fastest-growing companies in Northern Colorado.

One of the things I discuss with younger individuals looking for jobs in Fort Collins is to find a trade, electrician, plumber where they can get paid a lot of money. Whether you decide to start your own business or join one, it’s a high-paying career, so you could earn $75,000-100,000 pretty easily here in Northern Colorado.

Jobs in Fort Collins with growing demand

One of our bigger employers are technology manufacturing companies, like HP, Broadcom, Advanced Energy, to name a few, that supply about 6,000+ jobs in Fort Collins.

A cool employer that I’m excited about is Woodward Governor. About 5 years ago they chose Fort Collins as their worldwide headquarters. This is a publicly-traded company that decided to put its roots here.

Our major employers are spread out, not clustered as in other towns. We have accountants, psychologists, therapists, banks, and a large amount of those businesses in our Downtown area.

What I’m excited to see in Fort Collins in the future are some higher-paying jobs that would help us afford the cost of living. For example, it would be great if large technology companies working remotely stayed in Fort Collins. There’s Madwire that’s leveraging technology for small businesses. Other growing companies are Laborjack, Billgo, Turbotenant, Stow it, Jobzology

Final thoughts

Ultimately, Fort Collins has strong education, government, healthcare, tech, and manufacturing scene, making its way through. We’re a population of 170,000 people and there’s not one industry that takes more than 10 percent of that population. The biggest one is education with around 12,000 people. The bottom line is that we need higher-paying jobs to maintain strong housing prices and life quality.

If you’re looking to move to Fort Collins, reach out to Soukup Real Estate Services! Feel free to give me a call or send a text. I’m looking forward to working with you!

In the meantime, you can watch my YouTube video about job opportunities in Fort Collins below:

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