5 Things to Know Before Considering Relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado

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Are you thinking of relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado? Moving to a new town is always a big decision. That’s why you should consider these 5 things before you decide to relocate to Fort Collins.

There’s a reason why Fort Collins, Colorado is known as “The Choice City”; it’s the choice of so many people to move and live here.

The city of Fort Collins has done a phenomenal job allowing for growth while maintaining this beautiful city’s character. Even though I love it here, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll love it too. That’s why today I’m sharing 5 things you should know before considering relocating to Fort Collins.

1. Median Age is About 29 Years Old

Fort Collins is a family town where the median age is about 29 years. Even though there’s a fair amount of retired people living here, we’re certainly not a retirement community. Likewise, if you’re a single individual looking to spread the wings and find a mate, you should know that Fort Collins isn’t an amazing place to find your soulmate. However, thanks to apps like Tinder, you might still find your happiness in Fort Collins.

2. Population Growth

If you’re thinking of relocating to Fort Collins because it’s a small community, you may want to reconsider your decision. Fort Collins is relatively small, but it’s growing rapidly, with 3.000 – 4.000 moving here per year, which means it’s not going to stay small forever.

3. The Outdoor Recreation Scene

Although we are close to ski hills like Steamboat and Keystone, we’re not a ski town It’s a little bit of a drive, so you can make it a weekend getaway. We do have The Pudu River, Bobcat Ridge, and 285 miles worth of bike trails, so you can try some amazing outdoor activities all year round.

4. Median Income and Median Home Prices

Our housing prices have become relatively unaffordable but the monthly mortgage payment is attainable. Renting on the flipside and buying are very comparable. I’ll be doing videos in the future about renting vs buying here in Fort Collins, so stay tuned. The bottom line is median and average income needs to increase so that the house prices stay affordable for everyone living here.

5. City Layout

The best thing about Fort Collins is the city layout; it just makes sense. The navigation is easy so if you hop on 287, you can find yourself pretty much anywhere. With the Old Town as your new place to hang out, Midtown as your place to shop, you’ll be able to enjoy the city to the fullest.

Those were the 5 things to consider before relocating to Fort Collins, Colorado. If you decide to move here or you need more information about a specific area, feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to help!

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