What It’s Like to Live in Downtown Fort Collins

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If you’ve ever been to Fort Collins, you know that Downtown, Old Town Square is the place to be! It’s the gem of Fort Collins, that’s why we recommend it to tourists and visitors that come here.

It’s safe to say that we are a Downtown/Old Town-focused city with our backbone as Colorado State University. So it’s CSU that determines how we go as far as our population. But if you’re going to come here to visit your students, you’re definitely going to go visit the Downtown area. It is the heart and soul of our city and everything expands from that heart of Fort Collins.

Today, I’m going to talk about all things Downtown.

Living in Downtown Fort Collins

There were some parts of Downtown that were not very safe before (early 1990s) which is unusual for our community. It was an issue before but the area has since become more vibrant and safe. We have invested a lot of money in this part, from arts and cobblestone bricks, to restaurants and historic buildings.

As far as living Downtown, it’s great for you if you want to be able to walk or bike everywhere. Everything is within 2 miles, so you can ride a bike or walk, whatever you decide.

Living in Downtown Fort Collins is a lifestyle. You’re surrounded by charming historic houses. You have the ability to bike everywhere, grab a beer in the afternoon, or go for ice cream.

Downtown is defined by small-town businesses such as Coopersmith’s, Cira, and Tula which are unique restaurants and boutique shops. Another great thing about living in Downtown Fort Collins is that you can catch Friday night movies or concerts in the square. On a hot summer day, you can take your kids to the splash pad and enjoy the sun. They’re always something to do in the Downtown area.

What to do in Downtown Fort Collins?

One of the discussions that people have is whether you can spend an entire day Downtown, from morning to evening. Recently, I shared some of the best activities to do while you’re in Fort Collins, and most of them are located in this area. In my opinion, living in downtown is all about lifestyle design that you choose and want to be a part of.

The cost of living in Downtown Fort Collins

So what is it going to cost you to have that lifestyle design?

To be honest, it is an absolute premium to live in Downtown Fort Collins. The median price per square foot ranges from the upper $200s to the lower $300s, all the way up to $750-800 per square foot.

What you can expect is the median sales price of about $502,000 is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom with a one-car garage, and about 1600-1900 square feet.

If you want to live on THE street of Downtown Fort Collins, that’s Mountain Avenue. This street is gorgeous! The average sales price is about $880,000. Houses are a little bit bigger than in other neighborhoods (around 2250 square feet). But you’re going to have that address that is highly desired and be in ALL the action.

And there you have it! That’s how it’s like to live in Downtown Fort Collins. I hope this article helped you decide whether the Downtown lifestyle is right for you. If you do decide to move here, I’d love to help you find your dream home. Drop me a text or call me and we’ll get started!

In the meantime, check out the YouTube video below for a mini Downtown tour and consider subscribing to our channel:

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