Top 5 Worst Neighborhoods in Fort Collins Colorado

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So you’re looking to buy a house in Fort Collins, Colorado? You’re probably going to notice that the house prices are expensive. Before you make any deals, it might be a good idea to discover the five worst neighborhoods in Fort Collins.

Some of the parameters that we went by when looking at the worst neighborhoods are crime, police activity, schools, distance to other amenities, housing appreciation, and affordability.

Let’s dive in.

#5 Skyview

The 3 Year Average Median Price: $319,166.67

This is an interesting neighborhood because there are opportunities for some fix-and-flips. It looks a little funky because it sits behind an auto dealership and it’s pretty close to 287.

It is quite affordable but you should know that there are many rentals and old homes that need a substantial amount of work.

Check out the video below to go with me for a drive through this neighborhood. Who knows, you might even end up liking it!

#4 Mountain View Heights

The 3 Year Average Median Price: $340,000.00

One of the worst neighborhoods in Fort Collins is Mountain View Heights, located in the northwest of Old Town.

One of the pros is that you’re about a 5-7 minutes drive away to Downtown. Cons is smaller houses, tons of rental, and no HOAs.

No HOAs might be great for some people, but this means that you will have people working on their cars, different-looking driveaways, funky colored houses, weird house signs, etc.

I see Mountain Heights as a potential opportunity for the future but you’re going to have a ton of rentals if you move here, lower price point, and frustration of neighbors doing things that you’d prefer them not to be done.

#3 Mountain Range Shadows

The 3 Year Average Median Price: $277,916.67

Mountain Range Shadows is located south of the Windsor exit, west of the I-25 but in general, it’s very far south-east Fort Collins.

This neighborhood is sought out by investors looking for a low-price opportunity to get into Fort Collins. If you can, my advice is to spend an extra $50,000 to jump up one level in neighborhood.

One of the reasons why Mountain Range Shadows is the worst neighborhood of Fort Collins is that you have a mismatch of manufactured homes, single-family, and you’re right along I-25. Your entry price is going to be one of the most affordable in Fort Collins, but you’ll be south of the Windsor exit and not close to anything whatsoever. For the time being, I don’t see much future opportunity here.

#2 Maple Hill

The 3 Year Average Median Price: $388,000.00

I’m probably the most excited about Maple Hill out of all these neighborhoods.

It’s pretty far northeast Fort Collins, near the Budweiser brewery and the Fort Collins country club. The good opportunity here is the Montawa development that’s coming down the pipeline, so there are going to be a lot of commercial activities here in the future. Schools are going to be there soon so you’re not going to have to travel as much. And you’re really pretty close to I-25.

Cons is that it’s just really not close to anything, you have to drive everywhere, there’s not too much biking over here, and schools are a distance away.

All things considered, in my opinion, Maple Hill has some of the best future opportunities.

#1 Countryside Park/Pleasant and Sunrise Acres

The 3 Year Average Median Price: $294,333.33

I combined these three neighborhoods into one because they are really in the same area. Now, stop reading for a second to watch my video tour of this neighborhood below, and let’s see what you think first. Then come back to finish my review of this area.

The worst neighborhood in Fort Collins is Countryside Park, Pleasant Acres, and Sunrise Acres. This is northeast Fort Collins, near Mulberry, which is probably the biggest pro of this area, as Mulberry will be strongly developed soon. Some cons are that it’s got some dirt roads throughout, some manufactured housing, and pretty dilapidated housing.

It’s a pretty rough neighborhood. I don’t foresee the streets to be worked on any time soon, but we do have some cool future opportunities with Mulberry being developed.

So there you have it, the five worst neighborhoods in Fort Collins. If you’re looking to buy or rent in Fort Collins, avoid these neighborhoods, at least for the time being. In my opinion, Maple Hill is the best opportunity out of these five areas, while you should avoid Countryside Park, Pleasent Acres, and Sunrise Acres.

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