Top 5 Things to Do in Fort Collins CO – What Should we do this weekend?!

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One of the most common questions I get asked is what to do in Fort Collins. So whether you want to relocate or only visit, here are the top 5 things to do in Fort Collins, Colorado.

#1 Drive up the Poudre or Head Over to the Holiday Twin Drive-in

Most activities in Fort Collins revolve around the outdoors so the first way to have fun is to drive up the Poudre, grab lunch at the Mish and maybe listen to some music. Alternatively, you can drive along the foothills to spend an evening watching a drive in move at the Holiday Drive-in Movie Theater. Either one you choose, you will have a chance to enjoy the unique outdoor feel of Fort Collins.

#2 Enjoy the Poudre River

Whether you want to go rafting, just play in the sand, or visit the Poudre Play Park, the Poudre River’s got it all! The Poudre Play Park was recently developed and it’s got so much to offer. People bring their kayaks, go swimming, play on the beach banks, play in the sand, you name it! We can expect even more developments along the Poudre River District so there will definitely be a lot of activities going on in the future.

#3 Horsetooth Lake/Trails

This is a perfect place for boat enthusiasts and water lovers. In the Inlet Marina, you can rent paddleboards, go boating, jet skiing, you name it. There are so many different opportunities to have fun here, whether you want to swim in Horsetooth reservoir or try camping.

If you prefer hiking, Horsetooth Rock and Horsetooth Fall are perfect for you. Horsetooth Rock is a much more difficult hike so if you’re a beginner hiker, I’d recommend Horsetooth Falls instead.

#4 Beer Bike Tour

Another way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors in Fort Collins is to do a beer bike tour. Start at Red Truck Brewery or Odell’s. Spend some time on Odell’s patio as it’s truly fascinating. Get yourself a 90s Shilling on a hot day. From there, take your trip to New Belgium to play some yard games and grab some food at the food trucks. About a half-mile from there is the Old Town Square so you can continue having fun at the Coopersmiths or Equinox to finish your day nicely.

#5 Walk Downtown

My favorite thing to do in Fort Collins is to enjoy the Downtown area. So how can you enjoy it to the fullest? By walking! The Downtown walk is enjoyable 12 months out of the year, whether that’s in winter with the Christmas lights on or during spring when all the flowers are blooming. I like to say that Downtown Fort Collins is our energy hub so you’ll definitely have fun there.

So there you have it folks, my five favorite things to do in Fort Collins. What activity would you like to try the most? If you’re looking for more information about Fort Collins, drop me a message and I’ll help out!

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