The Best of Fort Collins Colorado

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When you come to Fort Collins, whether it’s to visit or to move, you have a bunch of fun activities to try and beautiful places to see. In this blog post, I’m talking to you about the best of Fort Collins, Colorado.

The best Burger in Fort Collins

Big Al’s Burgers & Dogs, located in the Downtown area of Fort Collins.

I specifically recommend the 60/40 Burger, made of 60% beef and 40% bacon. Its truffle fries and buffalo fries are phenomenal too.

The best Chinese food

Sally’s Kitchen, located on the southeast side of Fort Collins.

Truth be told, I was concerned about whether I would like Chinese food the first time, but I ended up loving it, so I recommend you try it too!

The best Mexican food

La Buena Vida, located on the southeast side of Fort Collins.

Make sure you try their margaritas, chips, salsa, and especially their guac salsa.

The best Hotel

The Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Fort Collins.

Whether you want to have a drink or spend a nice weekend in Fort Collins, this hotel is perfect. From gorgeous rooms to luxury suites, the Elizabeth has it all!

The best Breakfast Place

Silver Grill is famous for its cinnamon rolls and my favorite, cinnamon roll toast. Or for your main dish, you could try their breakfast quesadilla. No matter what you choose to eat, you won’t regret coming to Silver Grill.

The best Outdoor Patio and Local Brewery

Odell’s, in the Downtown area of Fort Collins.

It’s a great place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. There are some food trucks there so you can grab something to eat and enjoy the best outdoor patio in town.

The best Golf Course

Collindale Golf Course is my personal favorite. It’s pretty open, there are tons of trees and the course is relatively long so you won’t hit too many houses.

The best Park

Twin Silos Park is one of the newer parks in Fort Collins, but I believe it’s the best one. Ziplines, jungle gyms, open areas, BMX tracks, you name it! Twin Silos Park’s got it.

The best Hike

Horsetooth Mountain is about a two-hour hike up and a two-hour hike down, but if you want to be one of the locals, you’ve got to have hiked. Nothing like a morning or afternoon hike to get the day started.

The best Day in Fort Collins

One of the most frequent questions on my blog and YouTube channel is: What would you do to spend a day in Fort Collins? Here’s what my best day would look like.

The best day in the best town starts with an early morning workout in the Genesis Health Club. Once you’ve earned your breakfast, you go to Silver Grill Cafe. From there, walk around the Downtown area, enjoy the sun and grab a coffee at Little Bird Plaza. Then, head back to your hotel at the Elizabeth, or if you’ve moved to Fort Collins, head home. Get dressed and go enjoy nature on Horsetooth Mountain. Then, relax, grab a bike and head down to Odell’s.

If you’re hungry, you can grab something to eat there or in the Downtown area. After a day like this, you deserve to get some drinks and I recommend Social. Spend an evening in Washington’s watching some of their amazing shows. Finally, get back to your room and relax after one of the best days in Fort Collins.

There you have it guys! If after reading this you decide to move to Fort Collins, get in touch with us at Soukup Real Estate Services! Feel free to give me a call or send a text, I’m looking forward to working with you.

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