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Since I started my YouTube channel, I have received a lot of interesting questions from you guys. So today, I’ve finally decided to put them all together and answer some of them. Let’s jump into the most frequently asked questions about Fort Collins.

#1 What does retirement look like in Fort Collins?

Even though we’re mostly a college town, we do have a strong population of retired people. Due to the lifestyle quality in Fort Collins, a lot of empty nesters and retirees decide to stay here and spend their retirement days in nature, hiking walks, etc. However, winters can get pretty cold and there’s a lot of snow and shoveling during the winter months, so it’s an important factor to consider if you’re an older adult that’s considering retiring in Fort Collins.

#2 How much does college dictate life in Fort Collins?

The campus is definitely the energy center of Fort Collins, but it’s sort of constricted to that one square mile. You wouldn’t necessarily know that it’s a college town if you lived far north or south.

#3 Where are the best bars for people over 40?

The good old standard of bar is Lucky Joe’s, whether you’re in college or in you’re in your 40’s. Other choices are Ace Gillett’s, Social, Elliot’s, Jay’s Bistro. There are also plenty of opportunities to go for a drink at all the different breweries in town.

#4 What is the snow like in Fort Collins? 24 inches in the middle of March!?

You can expect snow in March, April, and even May. One thing I would suggest is not to plant your garden until AFTER Mother’s Day in May because you risk it being trashed by late snow or freezes. If the snow hits 2 inches and above, that’s a guideline for our snow removal companies to get out in the field and clean it. You can expect 7-10 storms (2 inches and above) a year in Fort Collins.

#5 What is Fort Collin’s connection to Disney?

One of the developers of Disneyland, Harper Goff, was raised in Fort Collins. He took some inspiration from Old Town Square buildings and helped build Disneyland.

#6 What’s happening with Fort Collins/Loveland airport?

The Virtual Tower is still in the works and it will allow for more commercial flights. Hopefully it comes sooner than later. For now, we have one commercial flight going from here to Burbank, Hollywood. If that doesn’t work for you, there is a United Bus that will take you from here to DIA as part of your plane ticket. Finally, DIA is only an hour away.

#7 What part of Fort Collins is your favorite?

It’s a little hard to choose, but if I had to choose, it would be Southeast Fort Collins!

#8 What are the most common misconceptions of Fort Collins?

One of the most common misconceptions is due to the fact we were one of the early adopters of recreational marijuana. However, I have to say we’re very professional here in Fort Collins even with the allowed use of marijuana. You aren’t going to just see people walking down the street smoking a joint… well most of the time you won’t see that.

So there you have it! Some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Fort Collins. Until the next part, check out the full video below and consider subscribing to my channel:

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