What You Can Buy in Fort Collins CO for $350,000

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Are you looking to buy a house in Fort Collins CO? Here’s what you can get for $350,000.

As of January 2020, the median sales price for a single-family, detached home in Fort Collins was about $470,000. What we want to look at today is what can you buy for $350,000.

There were about 120 homes sold in this price range in Fort Collins last year. So where exactly in Fort Collins can you buy those houses? Read on to find out!

What you can buy in Fort Collins for $350,000

According to recent stats, houses at this price are usually located on the outskirts of the town, so you might not be able to find anything in a livable condition in the Downtown area. However, as you explore other parts of Fort Collins, you might find some good opportunities for $350,000.

For example, you could buy a 3 bedroom, 1453 sq ft house for $350,343. Check out my YouTube video below to find out more about other properties sold at that price point since July 2020.

3 main neighborhoods in Fort Collins where you can buy a house for $350,000

Although you can find houses all throughout Fort Collins, there are 3 main subdivisions that fall in between this $340,000 and $360,000 price point. Those are Waterglen, Timberline Village, and Mountain View Heights.

If you want to drive through these neighborhoods with me, head over to the link below to watch my video tour!

  • Waterglen

With the growth of I-25, the new school coming, and the ease of access to I-25 from Vine, Waterglen is likely to grow in the future and become a nice area to live in.

  • Timberline Village

The same goes for Timberline Village, it really has potential. This area is a little bit different and more dated. It belongs to the historical Fort Collins. There are some great schools here and you could also get the most square footage for this price range.

  • Mountain View Heights

It’s true I recently talked about the worst neighborhoods in Fort Collins, where I did mention Mountain View Heights. But, I said it there and I’ll say it here: this area has huge potential, so hopefully it will develop soon.

Final thoughts

$350,000 is a more difficult price point in Fort Collins. You can absolutely find good condos for that price, but single-family detached homes are starting to get a little bit more difficult to attain.

In these three subdivisions, you’re most likely to find houses at the $350,000 price point. However, that doesn’t mean they are the only neighborhoods to hunt for houses with this budget. You can find some great opportunities throughout all of Fort Collins.

If you need any help with finding your dream home, give us a call or text us. We’ll be happy to help you out!

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