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Fort Collins has one main road going north and south – College Avenue Highway 287. Then we’ve got a divider going east and west and Prospect, that separates the city into 4 quadrants: North West, North East, South West, South East.

In reality, though, Fort Collins isn’t divided into 4 quadrants. There are actually 6 main sections of Fort Collins, Colorado and that’s what I’ll talk about today: their characteristics, how to behave, and what you can expect. Let’s get started.

1. North Fort Collins

North Fort Collins section starts at north of Vine, west to Laporte, east to I-25, and north to Wellington.

Here you can find the older sector that’s currently being redeveloped. As you get further north, you get the Terry Lake million-dollar estates, lake houses, country clubs, lots of apartments that are being built, single-family houses…

The north section is characterized as a mixture of redevelopment and million-dollar estates, country clubs, and Laporte.

2. West Fort Collins (Along the Foothills)

What was once the Old Hughes Stadium has been recently demolished so now we’ve got 200 acres of open land, still waiting to be redeveloped. A lot of people want to leave it open space, but I think it will in fact be developed. Hopefully, some commercial opportunities will be brought there because that’s the one thing the west side of Fort Collins is lacking.

West Fort Collins will probably become a mixture of a fair amount of rentals and developments with the opportunity to go mountain climbing.

3. Colorado State University

The campus area is probably the smallest section of Fort Collins. Here we’ve got Moby Arena, Canvas Stadium, and tons of student housing, campus, dorms, sorority houses that are all packed in the CSU area.

It is quieter during the summer and winter breaks than in fall and spring when there is a lot of student traffic and activities.

4. South Fort Collins

South Fort Collins is located south of Harmony and expanding to the south of Trilby all the way up to Carpenter Road. This is the newest and most quickly developing area of Fort Collins.

Harmony Corridor is the most beautiful entrance into the city with an extreme amount of activity on the development side of things. We’ve got restaurants, movie theaters, shopping centers, etc.

If you’re moving to Fort Collins because of the Poudre School Districts, make sure you stay north of Trilby. Loveland is on the south of Trilby, while Poudre School District is on the north.

5. Midtown Fort Collins

Here we have the boom of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, bigger lots, a mix of student rentals and traditional owner-occupied properties (which is, in my opinion, a much higher percentage) and there’s also a traditional mall which was redeveloped in 2015.

Also, there’s Lake Sherwood, Warren Lake, and lakes you can practically live on. Midtown section is close to the Old Town, approximately a 5-10 minute drive away.

6. Downtown FC

My favorite section of the city is definitely Downtown Fort Collins. It’s the place where I work and live and also, what tourists tend to visit the most. A great place to take a walk, shop, and spend time with your family.

As I mentioned before, here’s where you’ll find a lot of beautiful buildings that were Walt Disney’s inspiration, local and traditional restaurants. The Old Town Square is where all the activities are. There is a lot of college activity here but at the same time very family-friendly.

Mountain Avenue is the most popular area so make sure you visit it. It’s also the place everyone wants to live in Downtown Fort Collins.

So there you have it! Those were the 6 sections of Fort Section to help you get to know this wonderful city better. You can also find out more about the pros and cons of living in Fort Collins in my blog post where I’ve discussed even more in detail what it’s like to live here.

If you want to buy, rent or invest in Fort Collins, feel free to give me a call or send a text. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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